Kayla, 23, EMT
Height: 5'4
Highest Weight: ~145
Start weight: ~ 135 (before tumblr)
Current weight: 123.2
Next GW: 120
Next GW: 117
Next GW: 115
Next GW: 113
Final GW: ~110
*Disclaimer: I am not a doctor/dietician/nutritionist. Any advice that I give or post is from my own personal experience and research*


To Starve, or not to Starve?

To Starve, or not to Starve.

Is this really even a serious question? 

I’m going to go ahead and outline what happens to you when you starve yourself to lose weight.  

*Note: There are serious eating disorders, and they really do exist. I don’t expect to cure them by writing this, however I hope to shed light some light for the girls who DON’T have and ED and WISH they did. You can lose weight, love yourself, and have a happy relationship with food.*

Ok let’s picture yourself now. Or, rather, where I started from. I was overweight, pudgy and wishing I could fit into tight clothes without feeling like a doughnut. Feel familiar? I’d see thin girls on TV and in my magazines and I’d feel this terrible self hatred welling up inside of me. I wanted more than anything to be tiny and thin and happy and I was willing to do almost anything to get there. I’d try crazy diets, ridiculous miracle pills, and extreme calorie restricted meals. None of it worked. Want to know why? I’ll tell you. 

As I’ve addressed in previous posts one of your most important weight loss tools is your metabolism. It’s the first thing to slow down when you stop eating. What does this mean? It means you stop burning calories as efficiently, and you start storing calories you eat as fat. Your metabolism stops, you eventually binge (or even just eat a normal, regular meal), and your body will take almost every single bit of energy from that food and absorb it into your body any way it can. You WILL gain weight, unless you stop eating entirely. 

If that happens and you eliminate food entirely you only have a certain amount of time left on this planet. Without food, you will die. Also, this might surprise some of you, but the first storage container your body will break into is your muscles and your liver, not your fat. You will need to lose a significant amount of muscle (this will take 1-2 days usually) before you can start getting to your adipose tissue. After you’ve used up all the energy stores in your adipose tissue, your body will succumb to a lack of glucose, leading to a lack of ATP and your heart and brain will stop due to a lack of energy released from high energy phosphate bonds. 

And that’s not all. 

There are several conditions you will fall prey to due to a lack of essential vitamins and minerals. A lack of vitamins will lead to hypotension, edema, liver failure, and kidney failure. You can do serious damage to your cardiovascular system as the epithelial tissue lining your blood vessels will not be able to maintain itself, and myocardial muscle will die. Myocardial muscle is the muscle that makes up your heart, and like your brain cells, once it’s gone- it’s gone for good.

You know those happy, sun-kissed girls flaunting their thin bodies in bikini’s at the beach? Yeah that won’t be you. You’ll be lying in bed, your knees bruising simply from lying on your side with them pressed together, and your back growing a thin downy of hair. You will have ZERO energy, you will have ZERO happy feelings and even though you may be losing weight, you will have NO satisfaction, because it wasn’t your body that was the problem, it was your lifestyle. And the only thing you’ve done is replace one unhealthy lifestyle for another. 

I know this isn’t what you want to hear. You want to hear, “If you just stop eating, you’ll be skinny. It’s easy! And it’s fast!” But the truth is quite different. You might be surprise to learn that by simply eating the right foods, you can start to lose weight. By starting to exercise, you can create a healthier, happier you. It’s possible. You just have to start somewhere, which is why I’m now going to direct you to my Beginners Guide to Being a Beginner. 

Good Luck, and thanks for reading! 


(Source: queenofcardio)

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