Kayla, 23, EMT
Height: 5'4
Highest Weight: ~145
Start weight: ~ 135 (before tumblr)
Current weight: 123.2
Next GW: 120
Next GW: 117
Next GW: 115
Next GW: 113
Final GW: ~110
*Disclaimer: I am not a doctor/dietician/nutritionist. Any advice that I give or post is from my own personal experience and research*


Recently added workout music


  • Bend Ova- Lil Jon
  • Chandelier- Sia
  • Black Widow- Iggy
  • Mediocre- T.I ft. Iggy
  • Get Low- DJ Snake
  • This One is For You- Major Lazer (Remix)
  • Jet Blue Jet- Major Lazer
  • She Doesnt Mind- Sean Paul Ft. Pit Bull
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